God forbid two gay guys can be Nobody else where

Andrew G. But you are what you are. Neither same-sex relationships nor celibate community are objectively "equal" to heterosexual marriage. Confronted with the ecumenical consensus that homosexuality is not chosen, some Protestant churches have rediscovered the vocation of celibacy several centuries after it was abandoned by Luther and Calvin.

But you are what you are, and no amount of pretending nor praying is going to change that.

God forbid two gay guys can be Nobody else where

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Такого... God forbid two gay guys can be Nobody else where мне

On occasion I've acted on it - but I if I have to pick one label, I'm gonna choose the one that says 'None of the above'. Last revision: Oct. They will always be addicts, but can be set free and empowered to overcome by faith the power of God's Holy Spirit.

We already got the definitive answer from those seeking the End of Days.

In the Castle of the Three-in-One, the plan has always been that we, those who are entirely "other," shall participate in the superabundant communion of life. Is there a vocation for those gays and lesbians God has not called to either heterosexual marriage or celibate community?

There is much discussion about whether same-sex relationships also should be called "marriage," and, as you all know, this is a subject on which the church is deeply divided. I have been married twice and have two children and I tried, prayed, went to lots of therapists, and did everything I could to make the internal feelings go away.

God forbid two gay guys can be Nobody else where

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