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All book-ended by Catholic churches and Buddhist temples. A euphemism for the saucy action that occurs at all hours of the day and night in the stretch of residential West Hollywood between Sweetzer Ave and Crescent Heights Blvd, just north of Santa Monica Blvd and south of Fountain Ave.

The lives of foreign tourists were far removed from the day-to-day lives of Long and Ti who were essentially homeless like many city peasants. Indian friends of mine confirmed the scam; said that the police were in on it, as I later saw in Bombay.

Time Out scopes out LA s 10 best gay cruising

But they were resourceful and managed by sharing food, tips and shelter. Sexual orientation in Vietnam is decidedly hetero and virtually every gay man and woman is seriously conditioned not to reveal their truth to family or friends or strangers. They make trouble and fight over customers right in front of my bar.

Women do share apartments but not as lovers but as co-workers to save money on rent. However, if you are checked in at Vaseline Alley on Foursquare or spotted knocking on the window of a parked car in Time Out scopes out LA s 10 best gay cruising shadows, your deniability will suffer a significant loss of plausibility.

Dodging the swarms there are no pedestrian privileges here to cross the street we passed the restored ornate opera house, a couple of shiny marble and chrome upscale hotels, some boutique fashion shops and then into the huge Parkson department store where on the fifth floor little Ti knew where to find his food.

Надо Time Out scopes out LA s 10 best gay cruising

Gay life in Viet Nam is not out in public the way it is in Bangkok, for example. But Le Hoang, the popular director of the controversial sex and drugs movie Bar Girls, struck a softer tone when he answered questions about homosexuality on a Vietnamese Web site in May.

He was ten years old and looked a diminutive seven or eight with a cascading shock of black hair topping a cherubic face—as endearing as any child model in an Abercrombie ad.

He wanted to carry both items but together they were a heavy load for one who weighed barely 70 lbs himself so I carried the rice. At the far end of the beach area is the elegant Victoria Hotel where we had dinner one night in the richly wood-paneled restaurant serving western and Asian food.

So I pressed him. Ho An is a coastal city along central Vietnam that has been fortunately spared excessive urban redevelopment. The most popular tourist venues were the several enormous and elaborate tombs of the 18th, 19th and 20th century emperors of Vietnam, buried in great splendor—and built by countless penniless slaves.

The kind that has calcium to make me grow stronger.

Time Out scopes out LA s 10 best gay cruising

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