To the Supreme Court of California: Gay men and lesbians

The Colorado case did not end the fight for gay rights; it simply ensured that we could keep fighting in the courts and in the legislatures. Wasson : Kentucky Supreme Court strikes down sodomy law. Retrieved January 6,

The justices could say yes -- for Californians, gays and lesbians in several states, or nationwide. It would be years before those operations would cease in some parts of the U. The same year, a constitutional amendment prohibiting oral sex namely "the act of copulating the mouth of one person with the sexual organ of another" was passed, retaining the year imprisonment as a penalty without regard to sexual orientation.

Информация to the Supreme Court of California: Gay men and lesbians прикол!! считаю

Anti-transgender violence. Or they could say no. Miami : Challenge to law outlawing gay bars. Ricky Marshall remained in custody for another felony trial. The first of Justice Anthony M. It's fair to say that the '80s began as a time of great optimism. Secretary of Department of Defense : Defense of gay man denied a security clearance Singer v.

Navy : Defense of gay officer dismissed from Navy and asked to repay education costs. It was not just a loss; it was devastation. But that was a decade away. Cheney : Federal court in California casts doubt on anti gay military policy.

To the Supreme Court of California: Gay men and lesbians

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